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If you could ask for anything in the world… what would that be? To “be well” might be the one desire we all share, but what we all have in common has to be tackled individually.


Our problems force us to focus on what otherwise would have been perfectly avoided, the question about the meaning of being: Who am I?

Fundamental questions regarding the meaning of life are seldom posed nowadays. To live in the city we ought to be productive, efficient, fast! We take for granted that as long as we are active and achieve the standard goals everything will be fine.


We overload our days with work and social duties and forget to set time aside to reflect on what is going on within us. The truth breaks through anyhow and then we are reminded on how we are living our lives and what is missing.


We realize how good it is to have some fresh air or a good rest, or what a loving hug can do for us only when we have previously felt suffocated, exhausted or lonely.

When things are not working well for us we are not faulty machines but fragile and profoundly meaningful organisms as complex and paradoxical as the most mysterious riddle.

Life struggles can also turn into golden opportunities:


I believe that true human development necessarily implicates daring to wish the unthinkable.


Personal analysis is the greatest adventure of all and requires courageous exploration, deep insight and creative expression.


Barbara Godoy


"I am an existential psychotherapist and counsellor offering therapy to individuals, couples and groups. My practice is in Maida Vale, which is a short distance from St John's Wood, Notting Hill and Bayswater but I also work via Skype. As a visiting lecturer of the two main institutions for postgraduate training in existential analysis I teach how to apply existential philosophy to practice therapy. I also provide clinical supervision to professional therapists and mentor trainees."





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